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Social Media Marketing Strategy, or Not!

Quick summary

The COG Branding approach to Social Media focuses on taking our clients briefs, requirements, ideas and dreams and transforming them into online experiences that are easily shared, liked, clicked and embraced.

The COG Branding approach to Social Media focuses on taking our clients briefs, requirements, ideas and dreams and transforming them into online experiences that are easily shared, liked, clicked and embraced.

Our methodology pursues an Owned Media position, ideally we like to focus on developing domain authority and domain equity, and we do this by building online content and digital experiences that are worth being a part of.

COG Branding is a Sydney Branding Agency and we help our clients understand what solution suits their marketing campaigns and business position best, and then roll out our strategic processes to make online magic happen. Our Social Media service suite is utilised by our clients in different ways, some use all of our products and other clients just a few.

Though often our clients have a business that doesn’t need a social platform, has no customer interaction or need to develop brand awareness across Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Also, as COG Branding focus on the Owned Media position, we understand that any brands social media audience is simply ‘borrowed’ from the platform itself.  Our best advice is to always look at a broader suite of brand marekting tactics and strategies and not focus on one single channel or activity.

Below are some areas that your business can market itself and avoid a social media strategy.

1) Email Marketing – create an email list
Email marketing is key, more important now than ever before. When people hand over their email address they are giving you direct access to their inbox! Use it wisely! Send regular emails, whilst obviously you should update them on products or services that you have on offer, don’t just sell to them – Share stories and experiences, what else will be of interest or could educate your audience with?

2) Media & PR
Think back a decade to how we used to promote businesses prior to a launch. PR tactics and a marketing campaign would include cold calling journalists and trying to get a feature in a magazine or newspaper article or to submit for an interview. Once thought of as a dying art, magazines and newspapers are now also online and more people than ever are reading the articles – maybe it’s time to step back onboard the PR train?

3) Radio or TV advertising
Back in the day it used to cost a bomb to advertise on radio or TV but now with the fragmentation and growth of media channels the big media outlets are far more cost efficient than they used to be. As a result it is now much easier for smaller businesses to play on these bigger mediums. One of our clients has been killing it with a small regional TV campaign!

4) Referrals
Word of mouth is always going to be the number one way to bring new clients and customers to your business, regardless of social media and how they find you. To promote this why not try offering a referral incentive such as a discount from further purchases or maybe a free gift when they have referred a certain number of people for example

5) Networking 
Networking groups are probably the most obvious answer to the question of how to promote your business without social media. Another great way to network with your audience locally is by running small workshops or masterclasses – maybe even in collaboration with another like minded business? If you are an artist why not curate or feature in a local exhibition? Or if these options don’t suit, maybe a traditional networking lunch might be the right fit for you.

6) Performance Content
Owned Media – blog, image and video content is simply sustainability and long play critical for any brand. It is a great way to share your thoughts, ideas, experience and expertise. By providing value to your audience through these type of ‘articles’ rather than just promoting your products or services, you are going to reach an audience that is genuinely interested in you, your business and what you have to say.

7) Collaborations
‘Collab’ has been a buzz word for a number of years now – but with good reason. By enlisting another like minded business or individual or influencer, that your audience will enjoy and appreciate, you are able to drive up user engagement, brand awareness and it will be of benefit to both parties as you share your following with one another.

8) Print Marketing.
Posters, Flyers, Direct Mail – old school print design rules. But if you are just looking for local customers or clients why not give it a try! Think of areas where a lot of your audience will pass through – outside popular cafes for example.

9) Business Cards
Another ‘old school’ marketing method but they do work! Always have a few on hand to give out to people who are interested in your business. Make sure your business cards are well branded and clearly explain what it is that you do and how to contact you.

10) Trade Shows
Trade shows are a great place to meet other like minded people. Not all industries have trade shows, but most do. You’ll also have the chance to see some of the newest technologies in action and learn about how your industry is changing while you market yourself to potential new customers. Even if you don’t have a booth at a trade show, it’s worth attending just to see what your competition is doing.

11) Branded Merchandise
Again this one is industry specific but offering out a branded pen is a great way to get your business in front of people – especially when at a networking event or if hosting a workshop. Or what about putting a decal on your car promoting your product or service with a call to action to your website?

We know you’re looking for a trusted professional brand marketing expert that can write, design, manage and deploy strategic brand and business content. Your marketing agency needs to be affordable, communicate clearly, stick to calendars and planners, know how to manage paid campaigns. Plus, you’d like to have regular calls and emails from your branding experts before you call them. Oh, you’d also like to increase followers, engagement and have marketing activity that adds to the business bottom line.

By combining the strength of emotion in branding and the power of technology in software, our purposefully designed products and services create a sustainable go forward point for the brands and businesses that we are entrusted with.

We lead as a technology and small business consultancy and operate as a brand and marketing agency. Our group’s focus is to ensure small businesses and brands have the best advice, knowledge and support that increases their rates of survival, growth and performance.

It’s COG Branding’s mandate to continually push hard and assist Australia in becoming more innovative, competitive and prosperous.

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