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Our marketing agency purpose is to create more time for business owners, and to nurture opportunities through to success.

Over time it’s become apparent that our Sydney marketing agency core skill is in being able to provide value when others are not able – and this continues to remain a core part of the COG Branding marketing agency purpose.


Provide first class marketing services delivered by supportive people.

Our marketing agency purpose is split by two primary functions. The first is to deliver a dynamic consulting service to Australian small businesses, which includes the transfer of knowledge, advice and strategic processes that are purposefully built to make them more profitable, sustainable and enjoyable. 

The second key marketing agency function is to support this consultative service by providing branding marketing, technology solutions and business development services that are reliably supported by our at-call marketing team. On offer is a full through-the-line service platform to successfully execute projects for business and brand.  

We’re purveyors of value, strategically creating tactics and strategies for our clients’ brands so they can remain lean yet independent and strong. COG Branding knows when a brand reaches optimal strength it operates with autonomy, allowing business owners more time for critical decision making.

What is actually interesting is that our marketing agency purpose has been refined by the Australian small business community. The proprietary processes, workflows and skills refined over years that meet real scenarios

COG Branding is and always will be about achieving project success together, and this is done by listening to our clients and understanding their customers.