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COG Branding is a team, we enjoy our working life.


“Until all of us have made it, none of us have.”

Our marketing agency culture has a lot to do with our Cronulla, Sutherland Shire location. With days bonded more with mateship than anything else, we do our best to share this team culture with our business partners and our clients while remaining professional.

Our collective of marketing company professionals each have a passion for the career they chose, and for the most part what COG Branding team members set out to achieve extends beyond it being just a job.

To become better humans than we were yesterday is to extend that broader philosophy from our personal lives right through into working lives. The positive energy that runs through COG Branding is in large part due to the energetic, vibrant and positive people that drive our agency forward.

And you betchya, this eventually rubs off on our clients. The business leaders mentor the young, support the seasoned and share the successes of our wins when we have them. Though we can’t always win, and it’s this character trait that is ingrained in the business that ensures our team unit picks each other up when we struggle.

Let’s double down on smarter-not-harder, and share the success together in our collective working journey.