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The Sydney marketing strategy agency for small business

As a leading Sydney marketing strategy agency, our intelligent brand strategy services connect your brand to your business. Marketing strategy is at the core of COG Branding’s driving force – all our brand marketing products and services have strategy bolted in from the top down. 

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    COG Branding is located in Cronulla and leads as a small business consultancy while operating as a marketing strategy agency. Our focus is to ensure Australian small businesses and brands have the best advice, knowledge and support for the strategic decisions and planning for their business development and brand building.

    Our approach as a leading Sydney branding company is focused on developing bespoke marketing strategies that consider the phase our clients businesses are in prior developing the solution. We intimately understand the reality of small business owners and that they’re often too busy to think strategically and make critical decisions whilst deep in operations management mode. Here our true value as a marketing strategy agency partner is realised.

    The value our brand strategists deliver small business is that they consider the current status of brand and business (including the synergy between the two) and refine the environment they operate in to ensure the strategy has the best chance of driving real chance within the business and its marketing initiatives.

    Offering both packaged strategy products and customised strategy services, COG Branding know not all of our clients’ businesses are the same, thus a tailored approach to our marketing strategy is available. Small businesses receive high value from the COG Branding strategy team, career professional brand strategists with experience across numerous industries that are supported by our broader marketing agency.

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    We’re The Strategic COG In Your Business Engine


    Business Strategy

    A COG Branding business strategy involves a comprehensive plan that will outline how your company will allocate its resources, leverage its capabilities, and position itself in the market to gain a competitive advantage and create value for your stakeholders.


    Brand Strategy

    Our marketing strategy agency delivers brand strategies refers that create long-term plans for your company that establishes and manages your brand in a way that differentiates it from your competitors and creates a strong, positive perception among its target audience.


    Digital Strategy

    Our digital strategy solutions for small business outline how your business can leverage digital technologies, platforms, and channels to achieve its goals and objectives.


    Digital Transformation Strategy

    We deliver Digital transformation strategy for small business via comprehensive planning that outlines how your company can leverage digital technologies, tools, and processes to fundamentally change and improve its operations, customer experiences, and overall business model.


    Campaign Strategy

    COG Branding executes campaign strategy for all types of brands via a systematic approach to planning and executing marketing campaigns that align with your brand’s objectives, resonate with your target audience, and achieve the desired outcome.



    Our marketing agency offers a unique ideation service for brands. It involves the process of generating creative and innovative ideas or concepts via brainstorming, exploring possibilities, and generating a wide range of potential solutions or approaches to a problem or challenge.


    Brand Audit

    A brand audit is an essential exercise for small businesses to gain a clear understanding of their brand’s current state and make informed decisions for brand improvement and growth. It helps build a strong foundation for brand development, marketing strategies, and customer engagement, ultimately contributing to long-term success in the marketplace.


    Customer Experience Strategy

    Our marketing strategies includes Customer Experience (CX) strategy, perfect for small business. This work includes a plan that outlines how your business will deliver a positive and differentiated experience to its customers at every touchpoint throughout their journey with the business.

    Communications Strategy

    Shoreline AWC Communications Strategy

    A communications strategy case study from COG Branding for Shoreline AWC that includes insights, processes and methodologies on how we managed strategic marketing communications for the multi-national.

    Brand Audit

    Northern Cemeteries Brand Audit

    Auditing brand is a comprehensive excursion. This COG Branding case study delivers a comprehensive summary on the brand audit for the Northern Cemeteries group of businesses.

    Brand Audit

    Fiducian Brand Audit

    This COG Branding case study delivers a extensive review on the brand audit for the Fiducian company, including a snapshot of methods and processes in auditing brand.


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    What makes COG Branding unique is that our product focus is on Australian Small Businesses. We seek to deliver true value within our products and services which ensures they remain logical, common sense and suited to your market and economy. Request our product guide, discover if we’re the strategy partner for your organisation.

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      Our approach

      Why Deloitte chose COG Branding as the marketing partner for the federal governments small business program.

      The COG Branding vision for the future is clear, and we know what our clients need us to do. Our everyday consistency in problem solving, providing clear transparent value and remaining innovative is why our client partnerships are long lasting. By staying true to our purpose and ensuring value is at the core of our product and service suite, COG Branding makes our vision our reality.