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Your Small Business Marketing Team

The COG Branding Sutherland Shire marketing agency will enhance your brand to help your business communicate better with your customers. Our small business marketing team supports Australian SME (Small To Medium Enterprise) businesses with a suite of branding and marketing solutions made just for you. We’ll grow your business, build brand equity, and save you time.

We’re Your Solutions Partner

We know you need a small business marketing team that has a focus on providing a premium in virtual marketing solutions for small business. As a leading marketing agency we’re dedicated to supporting our clients with the right marketing strategy and support for their products and services. Our clients are short on time, budget and resources – they rely on COG Branding to operate effectively and with common sense.

We Streamline Business Support.

We’re Communications Focused.

We Demand Results.


What should you expect from a small business marketing team like COG Branding?

For the most part we’re all about the long play – sustainability in your marketing investments. As a Sydney marketing agency our team are at call during business hours and our senior team demand a high attention to detail, push forward with strategic thinking and apply good old fashioned hard work to everything we do.

We’re unified in our focus which is primarily the value we offer our clients. We know when our clients have successful businesses and their brand is building – we are too. Our small business marketing team is your support team.

We understand that the added value we offer our clients as a leading Sydney marketing company is realised when we treat our clients with respect and understand their position. COG Branding breaks down complex marketing jargon into simple terms to ensure all stakeholders know where the efforts and investments are being made.

How our small business marketing team achieves success for you.

Essentially, COG Branding are here for you – just not physically in your office. Our Sydney marketing agency functions as a comprehensive support service for all marketing communications for your business. Our whole marketing team understands what your business expectations are and what your clients demand. We’re measured with introducing you to web based technologies that enable us to service your business as if we we are in the same office.

Located in the Sutherland Shire, our small business marketing team is focused on the delivery of real service and business support that pursues growth and results. From years of experience managing clients from all corners of the globe, our Aussie team knows that the most successful brands are the ones that treat their relationships seriously.

To achieve business growth and engage your customers to take action against your offers – take steps in scaling up with a team of professionals behind your business, and know that it is a step to nurturing a sustainable future for your business with COG Branding.

Small business marketing team services

COG Branding small to medium business marketing products have been created to make the scaling and operations of your business more simple for you. We know businesses struggle to embrace technology and new digital marketing systems.

Our marketing agency approach has been refined over years of working with thousands of SME’s across Australia. Which is why we’ve created a suite of Marketing Products for our clients to easily onboard, activate and generate real lasting business leads. Call today for a comprehensive overview of how COG Branding can help your business.


Trusted By

The Australian Government and Deloitte engaged COG Branding and our Velocity Program to assist Australian SME’s onboard technology and make sense of the platforms like Facebook, Google and eCommerce.


Together We Will Succeed.

As a leading small business marketing agency in Cronulla has been structured to ensure we deliver value and the best service to Small to Medium sized businesses across Australia. We know that together we can solve your business problems and create a more sustainable process for your business to market your products and services to your targeted audience. Our partnerships are built to last and know the collaborative approach is what delivers results. 


8A Cronulla St.
Sydney, NSW 2230

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