Delivering the Social Media Marketing for the national Car Service brand.

What we did:

Deployment of Creative Content across 10 Social Media Accounts
Group Franchise Strategy
Channel Management
Advertising Account Management
Transfer of Social Media training to each franchise
Digital Strategy
Creative direction
Design Creative Assets Suite

COG Branding UltraTune

The Brief

Ultra Tune approached COG Digital with a brief to deliver the Social Media Marketing for the national Car Service brand.

The brief from Ultra Tune to COG Digital was to transform their Facebook and Instagram accounts into dynamic marketing communication channels. The Ultra Tune business includes franchise stores across Sydney, all with unique offers tailored to their local customer base.

The Social Media brief included creative content, group franchise strategy, channel management and advertising account management. With strict Brand Guidelines in place, creative content and deployment needed to align with broader brand authority, and with a franchise model the content strategy was to be considerate to each individual business location. With a range of individual website platforms for each franchise, measuring conversion from Facebook and measuring brand resonance from the Instagram accounts was the briefed metric to campaign success.

Key to the brief was to deliver client training for each social media channel to enable each franchise business owner autonomy in managing their own social media accounts.

The Client

Ultra Tune commenced trading in 1979 with a pilot store in Box Hill, Victoria and rapidly expanded across the country after businessman Bert Smart saw a specialist Fast Tune-Up store in Hawaii whilst traveling home from the USA.

Through Smart’s vision a franchise model was established which saw the new business expand rapidly into all Australian states except WA. Using the latest Dyno Tune technology, which enabled vehicles to be tuned whilst on “rolling roads”, Ultra Tune garnered wide public acceptance in the competitive after-market servicing sphere.

While Ultra Tune started with a fixed price tune and lube service it now provides both fleet and private motorists with a full range of services, each designed to be performed in a structured series of operating procedures which ensure faster, more efficient and cost effective service.

Ultra Tune has subsequently expanded its range of services to include tyres and all tyre-related servicing needs. Today, Ultra Tune is considered the industry leader in its technical field.

COG Branding UltraTune
UltraTune COG Branding
COG Branding UltraTune

The COG Digital Solution

The approach focused on setting up a solid foundation of creative direction to enable the brand to scale up its digital footprint for each individual franchise. With each location having an allocated creative theme, each business could tailor its offer and brand positioning directly to its local market. 

The COG Digital key skill is in generating Digital Strategy, then generating a creative direction from this strategy, and then, designing a suite of creative asset for production and live deployment – all in-house.

Working closely with each individual franchise management and operations team, the seasonal calendar and key dates created the initial structure in which content was designed and deployed. The up front Social Media Strategy identified the primary consumer targets and joined the dots in campaign management.

Our solution focused on links for Facebook (lead generation) and brand recognition for Instagram (brand advocacy and audience capture).  Our aim was to enable the business immediate lead generation and conversion from Social Media Campaigning, so gathering traffic data and intelligence via analytics began immediately.

COG Digital had to focus on targeting the most appropriate audience considering a range parameters that included seasonal calendars, socio-economic profiling, local and domestic eCommerce trends, geography and all the basics like gender and sub-cultures.

The Results

Successful transfer of Social Media training to each franchise business manager and the successful population of 10 social media accounts.

The COG Digital service extends as a full service agency that complete all development, strategy and deployments in-house under one roof. This enables results like this for Ultra Tune to be a cost effective and efficient for a external third party marketing team.