Establishing brand and marketing communications pillars for the local favourite

What we did:

Research of Core Insights
Goal Defining
Audience Research
Brand Strategy
Marketing Communications Strategy
Marketing Roll-Out
Strategy Review 


The Brief

Taren Point Bowling Club had experienced volatility during the pandemic and had not pivoted their business strategy during this time. Emerging from the pandemic restrictions and operating environment the brand and business needed to address brand and business development, and at the same time overhaul and include strategy and processes while maintaining business as usual. 

COG Branding inherited a legacy of very little brand intelligence and some analogue and basic brand management systems and processes. COG Branding’s focus was to understand the business case, and what sort of growth would be expected and the internal resources of the business before we looked to implement any new systems, technologies or strategies. 

COG Branding’s job was to ensure Taren Point Bowling Club were set up for as little disruption to their BAU as possible, a key part of the brief would be to support the General Manager in their objectives and vision to allow the business to begin performing post-Pandemic. 

Taren Point Bowling Club is a typical Clubs NSW industry business which follows standard rules and regulations, thus COG Branding strategies needed to conform to this environment.

The Client

Located in the heart of the Sutherland Shire, Taren Point Bowling Club is a locals favourite, a fantastic entertainment venue and Bowls NSW Club of the Year.

The club boasts beautifully manicured bowling greens and fantastic facilities with a relaxed, friendly and intimate atmosphere. You can enjoy the great food and refreshments from the Bistro and Bar while relaxing in our fantastic indoor and outdoor spaces and newly created areas.

Members of Taren Point Bowling Club and their guests enjoy excellent bowling facilities and club camaraderie. The From 1950 until the present Taren Point has and will always welcome anyone that wants to join the Taren Point family.


The COG Strategy Solution

Taren Point Bowling Club Business Development solutions initially commenced with a series of workshops with senior stakeholders to deep dive into their industry to discover insights, and what they know to be true for their business and brand.

COG Branding understand that our clients are often experts in their industry and business – they simply need assistance in directing the correct solutions through the right channels. 

A broader business development case allowed COG Branding to create some key foundations to key areas, and to establish brand and marketing communications pillars where there were none.

Insight: Within the research there is always golden nuggets of truth and actuals the form the core decision making and planning for future strategy works. With core insights we’re able to provide solutions that are appropriate, commercially viable and meet customer and market expectations.  

Framework, Strategies, Planners: Our strategy work is delivered to ensure our clients can autonomously manage and drive the plan through the business without COG Strategy needing to implement every step of the way. Our work is value focused and we know we need to build intelligence client side. 

Launch, Roll Out, Execute, Nurture: With frameworks and strategies delivered, the deployment and integration of these into the broader business starts to take place.

The Results

Taren Point Bowling Club now manages a marketing communications strategy that is circulated within the business senior management and marketing team as a plan that ensures strategic communication takes place with their targeted audience. 

The Taren Point Bowling Club brand and business strategies assisted the business to define the communication objectives, refine the audience and articulate the brand messages to clients, customers and team members. 

The Business Development project included brand management frameworks that clearly define who Taren Point Bowling Club should be talking to (both employees and customers), clarification on why the business is wanting to talk to them, how and when Taren Point Bowling Club will deploy marketing campaigns, and a rationale on media type and advertising budget. 

The discoveries made within the Taren Point Bowling Club Business Development project delivered key research and insight which offered COG Branding client a dashboard of current business and brand information, and as per the initial brief was able to then be rolled into other projects such as digital marketing workflows and website technology upgrades.