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Corporate Identity to Launch a Multi-National

What we did:

Visual Marketing Communication
Website UI Design System
Brand Hierarchy
Design System
Brand Management Systems
Corporate Identity
Creative Direction
Brand Guidelines
Print and Digital Stationery
Signage and OOH Advertising
Marketing Collateral Templates

Hydroflux COG Branding

The Brief

Hydroflux approached COG Design with a simple brief – launch our engineering firm to the world.

Sounded like a simple brief, though if you’ve ever worked with engineers you’ll know that simple to an engineer is complex for everyone else. The task for COG Design was to develop a strategic and unified suite of visual marketing communication assets to launch the Hydroflux business into their global water management market. Via strategic print and digital communications this new Corporate Identity would define the new business identity but also create  platform for the brands positioning.

The Hydroflux Group is comprised of numerous companies and many products, all which required a timeless corporate brand mark that pursues trust, intelligence and professionalism. The challenge for COG Design would be to forecast the business growth globally, product and service expansion and also quickly learn what the industry was all about.

The Client

The Hydroflux Group consists of eight specialist water and wastewater treatment companies. These integrated businesses undertake design and construction projects, and provide aftermarket services to the municipal, mining and industrial sectors.

The Hydroflux Group is made up of established privately, owned Australian business dedicated to all aspects of water and wastewater treatment management systems. They service Australia via offices in Sydney and Melbourne, the Pacific region via their Fijian office and Europe via their established UK business.

Their extensive experience along with the product range and services they can offer to their customers covers all the requirements for design or provision of solutions, equipment and services within the industrial and municipal treatment sectors.

    Hydroflux COG Branding
    Hydroflux COG Branding

    The COG Design Solution

    Our Sydney Design Agency delivered a comprehensive visual asset suite that enabled the Hydroflux group of companies to launch into a global market.

    The brief allowed our design team to deliver against our service suite that included the below products –

    • Corporate Identity
    • Creative Direction
    • Brand Guidelines
    • Print and Digital Stationery
    • Signage and OOH Advertising
    • Marketing Collateral Templates

    The Results

    Global growth and an autonomous brand still performing across all brand touch points today.

    Hydroflux has grown to become a global brand from the initial launch of the brand in Sydney Australia. With this launch has come growth and the acquisitions of other businesses in the industry that have been brought in under the brand identity COG Design created.