Complete control over eCommerce, booking and a customised user journey flow

What we did:

Replatforming from Squarespace to WordPress
Custom WordPress Plugin Integration
Bigin Integration
User Acceptance Testing
Website Maintenance 


The Brief

Energy Allies replatformed from Squarespace to the WordPress platform with COG Branding. What was needed was software that gave Energy Allies control over eCommerce, booking and a customised user journey flow. 

Energy Allies needed to automate a series of online transactions that included dynamic customer booking calendars that integrate with payment schedules and eCommerce softwares.

The new Energy Allies Website also demanded that they could trade at scale with ease, and take full advantage of a total automated online platform where the customer journey took place and transacted without the need of any human management or initial engagement to the process of customer onboarding and calendar management.  

The job of COG Branding was was to ensure Energy Allies were set up for autonomy and to be able to scale without increasing human resources in the initial customer onboarding process. Integrating custom WordPress Plugin solutions with 3rd party eCommerce and management softwares would be what achieves project success for Energy Allies. 

The Client

Energy Allies offers a complete energy solution for businesses across Australia. They reduce the operational costs and carbon footprint associated with energy use, and provide services that assist in the reporting obligations.

Energy Allies uses data driven energy consumption insights to equip business owners with the tools to implement impactful change.

Energy Allies is a small interdisciplinary team of experts with a collaborative approach – we use our technical, sustainability and project management backgrounds to go above and beyond for each customer.


The COG Digital Solution

The solutions COG Branding provided Energy Allies were largely customised solutions connected to 3rd party softwares. Our solution was to mix both customised wordpress plugins with existing supplier softwares.

Our project initially commenced with a PID (Project Initiation Document) and a workshop with stakeholders. COG Branding needed to be certain we understood the Energy Allies concerns and what they would most need from this integration.

COG Branding found the most appropriate software was Bigin that’s perfect for Energy Allies and what they needed to achieve online. We know the client needed a fully automated solution, so we created a custom plugin to charge users 1st payment. The fully automated route delivered everything Energy Allies need without needing to approve payments and send out emails. The basic forms from the website passes data into PayWay and once payment details have been entered the user is set up and payment has been sent. 

The delivery included automated welcome emails that gets sent with links to customer intake form as well as other information.  The form from the website redirects to PayWay and the data also gets sent to Bigin, and the automated plugin can have additional features to automate the future monthly subscription if Energy Allies needed it.

The Results

Go live with project Success! Energy Allies successfully integrated a custom solution in combination with supplier eCommerce softwares. 

COG Branding provided developer support and stored all customisation in a Git Repo. Ongoing version control was part of the WMA (Website Maintenance Agreement).

The project included pushing the new website live into a LAMP hosting environment that was scalable as the launch would see low traffic thus low resource requirements in I/O usage, CPU and SSD storage space and RAM. 

The software integration project included UAT (User Acceptance Testing) from staging environment and content migration into the production environment. 

A successful launch into market, and a robust digital asset that delivers against the broader business model and automation requirements.