Magento CMS eCommerce Website to Stay Cool While Lookin’ Hot

What we did:

Magento eCommerce CMS
Digital Marketing Plan
SEM Rush Assessments
Directory Strategy
Page Reviews
Google Ad Program
Audit by a Amazon Owned User Experience Agency

COG Branding Carve

The Brief

Carve approached COG Digital with a brief to deliver the eCommerce responsive website and development for the global eyewear brand.

The brief from Carve to our Sydney Digital Agency went much deeper than building a simple website. The business includes local, national and global logistics and warehousing of imported products, plus a global wholesale and retail network. So, the digital solutions needed to consider API’s, FTP’s, SEO, SEM and 3PL’s. (plus custom PHP environments that hadn’t been updated with version control in over 15 years… but that’s the dirty laundry).

The Client.

CARVE is an Australian based and owned eyewear surf and snow brand established in 1998.

The brand has a both presence domestically and internationally selling in 30 counties, with a core goal to supply quality premium performance eyewear that won’t buckle the bank account.

Carve covers a wide range of sports and lifestyles including surfing, snow lifestyle brand. Marquee team riders Keanu Asing, Clay Marzo and Stu Kennedy fly the Carve flag on the world stage with a host of local chargers and young guns from a range of sports building the brand from the grass roots up.

COG Branding Carve
COG Branding Carve
COG Branding Carve

The Third Party Audit.

Our website development skills, front end and back end, were audited by an Amazon owned eCommerce Consultancy. Their methodology obviously being top-notch, it was put up against the COG Digital eCommerce CMS product we supplied Carve Sunglasses.

Their Customer Experience Audit highlights a few key elements as below.

Unguided User Journey: They start by taking an unguided user journey through the site and noting any blockers as we go.

Best Practice Examples: For each opportunity area they provide best practice examples from your competitive set and other UX leaders.

Scorecard: Audit execution and performance across main revenue driving pages across the site to uncover gaps, highlight areas for concern and identify opportunities to accelerate.

Deduplicate: They review full set of recommendations to identify any common themes or similar recommendations that can be consolidated to one task or project.

Qualify Impact & Effort: They qualify the impact and effort required to implement the recommendations.

Prioritisation: They prioritise all recommendations based on their expected revenue impact and estimated level of effort to execute.

The Results.

From the entire 103 page audit, there was more than 300 updates advised to achieve a incremental  increase of 0.52% in conversion. This would have come at a total labour cost of 250 development hours. 

The COG Digital product was exceeding 80% in score across multiple pages and over achieved against the initials scope of work. In review, the eCommerce Magento CMS website we delivered Carve Sunglasses was hard to fault, and could only be marginally optimised to achieve a further small percentage increase in eCommerce sales.

We were compared to and directly audited against huge eCommerce players such as The Iconic, Asos, General Pants, Adidas, Hype DC – which says to us what we developed was playing in the right game.

We’re a proud 100% Australian website development team who operate with transparency, trust and good old fashion work ethic. We welcome audits of the websites we design and develop. If you like the Magento eCommerce Website we delivered for Carve Sunglasses – hopefully our Sydney Digital Agency can build your business its next eCommerce website.