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Virtual Tours to Showcase Premium Gym Facilities and Features

The Client

Bodyfit believe everyone should have the right to exercise in a safe, welcoming and fun environment. They understand value for money, first class facilities, your wellbeing and a friendly smile from their team are important to their customers. Bodyfit are devoted to making a difference.

Bodyfit has 9 clubs located over Sydney. Their clubs feature premium gym facilities and tailored group fitness classes to suit your individual fitness journey. They value accessibility for their members and even feature 24 hour access at selected clubs. Sign up for a 2 Day Free Pass and get one of their friendly staff members to give you a guided tour of your local Bodyfit.

The Brief

Bodyfit needed a way to communicate their premium gyms located throughout Sydney virtually. Together with Bodyfit, COG Branding completed a suite of virtual tour videos that both show the gym’s location, premium facilities and amazing spaces. 

Over a period of 2 days, COG Branding travelled to each Bodyfit gym location around Sydney with the task to capture the gym’s facilities and features through video content. An array of different shots and techniques were used to ensure every possible angle of the gym was captured.

As a result, the virtual tours communicate the gyms in a creative way that allows customers to feel as though they have been to the gym location without leaving their house. By showing the gyms in a premium, well-edited manner, the videos boosted both customer engagement and gym sign ups.

The Filming

Filming took place over two days, during which the COG Branding team used state-of-the-art equipment to capture high-quality footage of the gym’s facilities and services. The team worked closely with the gym staff to ensure that the filming process was minimally disruptive to the gym’s operations, while still capturing all the necessary footage.

The Editing

After the filming was complete, the COG Design team spent several days editing the footage, selecting the best shots, and adding visual and audio effects to enhance the overall quality of the video. The team also worked on colour correction, sound mixing, and other technical aspects to ensure that the video was visually appealing and engaging.