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Google email solutions for the Gym that’s Got It In One

What we did:

Stakeholder Workshop
Audit of Usage Devices, Frequency & Inbox Sizes
Domain Name Record Management
Migration of Existing Email


The Brief

Bodyfit had experienced growth and had not scaled their technology and email software at the same pace, so they needed to somehow scale and at the same time replace what they had. 

COG Branding inherited a legacy of zero technology intelligence but some analogue and basic systems, process and general IT management in place. Our focus was to understand the business case, and what sort of growth would be expected before we migrated to a more enterprise level email system. 

COG Branding’s job was to ensure Bodyfit were set up for as little disruption to their BAU as possible, a key part of the brief would be to overhaul the tech stack including email. 

Bodyfit is a typical fitness industry business which moves fast and has a high churn of temporary and permanent staff, thus the email situation needed to a trusted and professional Australian based Managed IT Services team to manage this email technology on an ongoing basis. Also included in the brief was domain name record management and also the migration of their existing email from a standard IMAP Cpanel shared hosting environment into a more sophisticated and secure email system.

The Client

Bodyfit Fitness Centres believe everyone should have the right to exercise in a safe, welcoming and fun environment. They understand value for money, first class facilities, your wellbeing and a friendly smile from their team are important to their customers. Bodyfit are devoted to making a difference.

Bodyfit has 8 clubs located over Sydney. Our clubs feature premium gym facilities and tailored group fitness classes to suit your individual fitness journey. We value accessibility for our members and even feature 24 hour access at selected clubs. Sign up for a 2 Day Free Pass and get one of our friendly staff members to give you a guided tour of your local Bodyfit.


The COG Branding Solution

The Bodyfit Google Email solution initially commenced with a workshop with  stakeholders to be certain they understand their concerns and what they would most want to be made available. 

Secondly we took an audit of usage devices, frequency and inbox sizes and attachment sizes – behaviours that are key to understanding the handling characteristics of email for the business.

Internet Message Access Protocol AKA IMAP, is a standard email retrieval protocol that uses TCP/IP connection for communication. Changes that are made on any of the devices (configured with IMAP) will be synced across all the connected devices (in the respective accounts). The emails from the server will only be removed if the user deletes them. There are several web-based email clients that operate on the IMAP protocol, including Yahoo Mail, Outlook and Google Mail. So here the solution takes shape for Bodyfit.

Importing the existing second rate IMAP Email system to Google Mail. SysTools IMAP to Google Mail Migration Tool is an excellent software developed with advanced algorithms, it’s outstanding characteristics include concurrent and delta migration for quick and efficient results. Additionally, it facilitates the option to re-run the full migration, if required. Also, this expert-recommended program maintains the folder structure intact after the importation process terminates.

The Results

Migration to Google Mail with Project Success! Bodyfit successfully departed the substandard IMAP platform and onto a reliable secure and efficient Google Mail platform.

The project allowed a more reliable email solution for multiple domains, users and devices.

It also allowed the Bodyfit business to begin its partnering with the Google Workspace offering which also allowed COG Branding to build in further use of the Workspace softwares and features such as the office suite and Google Drive functionality. 

A successful email migration from IMAP to Google Mail!