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Between the Flags Performance Marketing

The Brief

Between The Flags approached COG Digital with a brief to deliver the asset production and digital marketing for the Beach Patrol range of lifeguard clothing and accessories, made famous the world over from the iconic Bondi beach.

Between The Flags Is One Of Australia’s Leading Beach And Lifestyle Outfitters. Since 1994, Between the Flags has been designing classic beach and lifestyle apparel to honour and uphold the spirit of Australia’s surf culture.

They launched the Kids Beach Patrol range specifically for kids to a global tourism audience, with Bondi Beach ground zero for tourist traffic, the between The Flags stores do a roaring trade – so the COG Digital breif was to take this Beach Patrol offer to the world via eCommerce. With a suite of niche apparel and a highly saturated and competitive online environment, the performance marketing required to be highly optimised and the content to cut through to a specific audience, gifting tourists are 2 keywords that frame up the target.

Between The Flags were looking to partner with a Sydney Digital agency that can provide research, key insights, creative concepts and performance eCommerce conversion focused advertising executions across the Google Double Click and AdSense platforms.

The Client

Since 1994, Between the Flags has been designing classic beach and lifestyle apparel to honour and uphold the spirit of Australia’s surf culture.

There is a good reason why over 6 million people visit Bondi Beach every year. Top of the list is the stunning beach. With its white sand and clean rolling waves Bondi Beach has something for everyone. 
Frequented by local Sydneysiders and tourists alike Bondi has a great buzz every day of the week.

The Between The Flags stores are located on the beachfront strip of Australia’s most famous beach and in Darling Harbour in the heart of Sydney are key tourist destinations and have continuously delivered something authentic from Bondi Beach for travellers from all over the world.


Between the Flags Performance Marketing
Between the Flags Performance Marketing
Between the Flags Performance Marketing

The COG Digital Solution.

A common sense yet tactical approach to managing seasonal performance marketing campaigns and generating SEO assets and activity.

A strong SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) foundation will support any Search Engine Marketing (SEM) activity and programs, thus a key part of our breif was to inject some link equity considerations into the Digital Strategy.

By having access and control to all Between The Flags digital touchpoints we were able to create a comprehensive eCommerce approach to search and display network campaigns that penetrate different hemisphere’s during the appropriate summer / winter months. 

Key to this was to generate content marketing that coincides with this global strategy. And key to this activity was to continuously deliver SEO tasks to round out a cohesive suite of month on month domain authority exercises.  

Focused on ensuring that organically, Beach Patrol as a category is competing strongly and providing every opportunity for SERP’s (Search Engine Ranking Position) to support any paid search activity. The COG Digital dynamic retargeting strategy in place is sophisticated enough to ensure the CPC hung in for around 90 days at an average of $0.05. As Beach Patrol is largely for tourists and gifting the emotional reinforcement for display retargeting is unsurpassable and a key requirement in this strategy. 

The Results

Exceeding 400%+ ROAS for an entire 12 months across the Beach Patrol category is trophy material for us.

With 14 new countries added to the export list within the last 12 months and a 81% increase in AOV for Beach Patrol, the future looks bright for our junior Aussie Lifeguards! 

Inspired by Aussie surf lifesaving and iconic beach culture, our bestselling Beach Patrol range is designed specifically for sun-safe kids. Considerably comfy, durable and adorable, you’ll wish we made them for grown-ups!