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The Delivery of Value is Business Critical.

Without Value-Delivery, you don’t have a business.

The best businesses in the world deliver the value they’ve promised to their customers in a way that surpasses the customer’s expectations.

As a proven and trusted marketing supplier we’re offering you better value from your marketing investments this year. Take advantage of a Value-Focused Partnership with COG Branding today!

    How Does COG Deliver Value?

    Firstly, we’re communicators – we want to speak with you. We’re focused on initially understanding your business, how you as a business owner operate, what pays the rent and what sort of business you want to own in the future.

    It’s all about you so we’re listeners. Our approach is to audit what you have, research what we don’t know and ask tons of questions to ensure we’re on the same page.

    You know you’re business better than we ever will, so it’s critical we build a relationship where the communication flows between your team and ours to ensure our value is transferred directly into your business and brand.

    Our relationship starts with an initial consultation with COG Branding where we identify where value opportunities exist in your product and service offer, and then we discover the best pathway for your business.

    Finding value is about understanding your business, your customers and the reality before throwing money at paid advertising or activating marketing campaigns.

    We’re not about guess work, nor do we waste your time. COG Branding programs are designed to drive efficiency and sustainable by –

    • Making your business more sophisticated and competitive
    • Accurately optimising your digital assets
    • Measuring market activity
    • Ensuring your brand is strategically communicating to an identified targeted customer who cares and understands what your business is saying

    COG Branding programs are all about developing your brand marketing ecosystem. The goal is to provide your business a reliable support partner that works in harmony with your business, facilitating growth and allowing it to remain competitive.

    Importantly, there is an appropriate Pathway To Success for every business, regardless of where it has come from or how it sees itself today. Our programs are tailored to suit your circumstance and designed to deliver value at every step we take together.

    COG Branding – delivering value shouldn’t be by accident.

    How will COG Branding work for you?

    We deliver results via a simple Pathway To Success. The COG Branding team guides you through each phase of brand and business activity with business survival, growth and performance as the end goal.

    Pathway To Success


    Day 1







    Commence Monthly Cycle

    Day 1 of 30

    Our Pathways To Success Programs work by optimising your brand and setting up your communication channels to function correctly – simple, yet critical.

    COG Pathways starts with an initial consultation that will determine if we can commence campaigning immediately, or if we need to connect brand and digital elements together first.

    You can learn more about COG Pathways by clicking through below or calling us today for a free consultation.

    COG Pathways. Designing A Successful Future For Your Business.

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      How COG Pathways programs will assist your business

      Save time, become efficient

      The saying stick to what you’re good at is a wise one. Ideally you’re great at running your business, we’re great at marketing it; together we’re an unstoppable force!

      As a marketing service provider we can only do what we do via streamlined programs and workflows, our marketing service lines to you are like Formula One race cars. Here our value offer is as transparent as possible, simply because we’re developing the same behaviours in your business.

      Digital asset optimisation

      Yes, we take care of the technicals (the ones often lost between an IT company and a branding agency).

      We’ll solve the complexities of website contact forms, email deployment, integrations of third party softwares, domain name records and management. We optimise your business digital assets to get your online ecosystem performing securely and in harmony.

      Marketing communications

      We create a marketing communications framework with refined language so your customers are truly engaged with your offer and they take notice of your messaging. We consider brand positioning, taglines and key statements that connect your brand to your business.

      Build brand equity

      Strong brands win. They live in the hearts and minds of customers, an emotional connection is much harder to break than a financial one. Brand equity is the secret ingredient to ensure the brand performs ad an autonomous salesperson for your business.

      We optimise your brand identity (if it is needed) and create some formal guidelines for the brand and it’s creative assets. When we combine your creative assets with your Marketing Communications, your Brand Identity will be a powerful asset that stimulates your customers emotions and persuades them to take action.

      Our focus is to create value in the business. A key step to achieve this is optimising your brand so when it is put in front of your targeted audience it will make a meaningful connection. Once connected, we stimulate your target to take action and become a paying customer of your products and services.

      Data, Google and Analytics

      While we focus on making sure all the brand assets and technicals work, we’ll also ensure the data points are connected so your business knows what is going on and where.

      With some simple analytics your business will know how many people are clicking on your ads and, browsing your website plus who they are and where they came from.

      Performance marketing

      On a strategic cycle we pursue business growth via performance marketing campaigns across a broad advertising network, feeding your business customer enquiries and new leads directly into your ecosystem. Connected to digital platforms and supported by real data and analytics you can understand.


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      Why is COG Branding so valuable?

      The COG Pathways Programs provide your business and brand value added benefits. These are realised through the deliverables within the programs such as The Toolkit, The Brand Synopsis, The Brand Anatomy and hands-on technical updates to your digital assets across website, social media and advertising platforms.

      These deliverables within the programs are why our clients tell their friends and colleagues about COG Branding. Our job is to provide value that builds equity in your brand and business.

      Refine brand assets

      A core chapter in the Toolkit is Brand Anatomy. Outlined are brand identity refinements that will deliver against your broader brand and design Pathway To Success.

      Activities such as optimising your brand identity (if it is needed) and creating formal guidelines for the brand and it’s creative assets. Think of this as an audit of the hood ornament on your car.

      Activate the products

      COG Pathways Programs advise on what strategies across the key disciplines of brand and marketing are needed for your particular business.

      COG Branding has a product suite built specifically to provide results and value to small business, here we activate the assigned products for your brand and business to support survival, pursue growth and deliver performance.

      Deploy advertising campaigns

      While our initial focus for your brand is a sustainable one that drives an owned media theme – we’ll run ads.

      Performance marketing across platforms such as Meta (Facebook, Instagram), Google Search and Display networks, LinkedIn, Twitter etc will be identified within the Toolkit.

      Each advertising program is delivered and managed as a product, and works off the broader directions provided from our work within COG Pathways Programs.

      Measure data, discover insights, optimise the business cycle

      With your newly orchestrated ecosystem your business will now be able to assess data to make accurate decisions on what marketing campaigns are working, and to identify the reasons why and why not.

      COG Branding has a range of sophisticated marketing products that facilitate a month on month scrum sprint methodology that ensure the Pathway To Success is data rich and insight driven.

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        The COG Branding x COG Pathways purpose

        Our purpose is to create more time for business owners, and to nurture opportunities through to success.

        The way COG Branding is structured ensures we are providing brand, marketing and technology solutions for Australian small businesses that are underpinned by true value.

        In 90 Days we solve the riddles of technology, define your brand attributes, match them against targeted audience groups and teach you how to converse with your customers.

        This Includes a dedicated focus from our Australian team to ensure the investment your business makes in technology, branding and marketing solutions sets up your business in a sustainable position with assets that increase company value.

        It starts with COG Pathways and you’re on your way to successful brand and business.

        Who is COG Branding?


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        Customer succeess

        “COG Branding forced us to become strategic, planned and structured the brand to ensure our customers are at the centre of all our decision making.”

        — Nat Grosvenor, Bodyfit

        “Luke and his team have supported SOILCO for years, and as our business has grown they have ensured we’ve managed our brand the whole way. Always on the front font, and always thinking 3 steps ahead.”

        — Charlie Emery, SOILCO

        “A trusted Australian supplier of first class web and digital services. We recommend COG highly”

        — Joel Hamil, Dunlea Centre

        “We’ve used many marketing agencies in the past, and coming form a marketing background I understand what type of service delivery defines a valuable partner. COG Branding are the perfect one stop shop for Aussie SME’s”

        — Chris Hole, Peaches Pilates

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