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Get your business spinning in a performance cycle

Focus on month to month success with COG Revolutions performance marketing.

On a strategic cycle we pursue business growth via performance marketing campaigns across a broad advertising network, feeding your business customer enquiries and new leads directly into your ecosystem. This is COG Revolutions – your Pathway To Business Growth and Success.

This opportunity is limited to 50 businesses, or until we’re at capacity. Don’t delay in starting your Success Pathway with COG Revolutions today!

    What Is COG Revolutions?

    Simply, it’s a monthly program where we pursue business growth and performance from both paid and organic marketing activity. We activate your brand message in market with our easy to understand products – week to month to year.

    Leading from a strategy developed at COG Connect (or from what you supply us), across a calendar month COG Branding activates both paid and organic marketing activities to ensure business survival, growth and performance.

    Depending on this strategy and the current cycles your business is in, with COG Revolutions our ambition is to make your business more sophisticated, competitive and rich in new customer leads while nurturing the business you already have.

    • Make your business more sophisticated and competitive
    • Accurately optimise your digital assets
    • Measure market activity
    • Ensure your brand is strategically communicating to an identified targeted customer who cares and understands what your business is saying

    The strategy includes a broad range of marketing disciplines like Facebook and Instagram Ads, Google search and retargeting display advertising, email marketing, SEO and content development.

    There is also a core component of design and marketing strategy, ensuring communications connect intimately with the targeted audience and consumer. We reveal this through monthly reporting and analysis.

    COG Revolutions is about using COG Branding’s full service marketing agency skills to optimise your businesses ecosystem, and generate brand harmony and autonomy.

    COG Revolutions, performance marketing for your business.

    How Does COG Revolutions Work?

    Because marketing should be a sustainable opportunity for your business, there will be both paid advertising activity and organic brand activity within the strategy.

    The balance and synergy between the two is critical to get right. When these two forms of marketing are nurtured in monthly cycle the year on year growth becomes your reality.

    Pathway to success


    Day 1

    Design Advertising

    Deploy Performance Marketing

    Drive Campaigns

    Discover in research

    Insights and Optimisation



    Day 30

    COG Revolutions is made simple via products. Each product solves a particular problem, and when connected to another product it becomes more important, sort of like Lego.

    We put your business on the Pathway to Success program, taking it to market with performance marketing products and staying in touch weekly via phone, email and #Slack.

    It’s the actual products that make COG Revolutions fantastic. A suite of brand marketing solutions in product form, created so you can easily understand why they are needed and how they work.

    COG Revolution products are strategically designed to solve common small business problems, importantly they include a format that allows our clients time to work with COG Branding on the results, better forecast the future and remain engaged with the program throughout typical business cycles.

    It’s amazing what we can achieve together in a single month. Your investment in COG Revolutions is underpinned by lasting value plus a sustainable approach to growing your business through brand marketing.

    COG Revolutions. Performance Growth Marketing For Your Business.

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      How COG Revolutions will assist your business

      COG Revolutions is a time saving program, start spending your time wisely.

      Lead generation

      This means new business from emails and phone calls. Lead generation is often considered to be from performance marketing, paid ads on Google and social media.

      Though with COG Revolutions we also build in organic lead generation to this category as SEO is key to our owned media approach and focus on a sustainable future for your business. Both paid and organic lead generation is connected with a data analytics service line.

      Domain authority

      In simple terms, this is how much your website is worth and how much authority it has in the general market against other websites providing similar information. ie: your competitors.

      Again, critical to our owned media approach and focus on building a sustainable future for your business, our goal is to create as much authority in your website as possible. We do this with content and SEO strategies.

      Your website is your digital platform that is a core asset to the business, domain authority is key to sustainable marketing strategy. When you acquire customers without allocating budget to paid digital advertising – you win.

      Brand equity

      Strong brands win. They live in the hearts and minds of customers, an emotional connection is much harder to break than a financial one. Brand equity is the secret ingredient to ensure the brand performs ad an autonomous salesperson for your business.

      Our focus is to create value in the business. A key step to achieve this is optimising your brand so when it is put in front of your targeted audience it will make a meaningful connection. Once connected, we stimulate your target to take action and become a paying customer of your products and services.

      Save time, become efficient

      The saying stick to what you’re good at is a wise one. Ideally you’re great at running your business, we’re great at marketing it; together we’re an unstoppable force!

      As a marketing service provider we can only do what we do via streamlined programs and workflows, our marketing service lines to you are like Formula One race cars. Here our value offer is as transparent as possible, simply because we’re developing the same behaviours in your business.

      Book your COG Revolutions program today

      Your pathway to success starts now. Get started with your 90-day journey.

      How long does the COG Revolutions program last?

      As long as you want it to. Amazing, right?! COG Branding is not like other agencies that lock you into long term contracts. Our approach is that when we deliver results for your business you’ll want to keep us around.

      The program operates on a billable month to month program, our products are designed to fit the annual calendar and the broader strategy is to provide benefit for the life of the business.

      COG Revolutions is multi-disciplinary where products deliver long term assets and improvements that will continue to provide benefit to the business long after the program concludes. That’s the real value exchange right there.

      COG Branding prepares your business for both the rough and calm waters that is small business.

      You always need new leads

      Most small business require a steady stream of new business and customers. In any business over time its customer base will change, either through acquisition or succession, changing suppliers or simply closing.

      To be prepared for this natural attrition is to build a easily managed sales funnel, it ensures your working life is less stressful and better planned.

      You always need to remain competitive

      It is true that only the strong survive. Strength in business is found in a few key areas that COG Revolutions develops on purpose. Brand strength provides an always-on opportunity that can offset any negative market forces.

      Well managed digital marketing assets allow swift action to be activated when market trends change. Staying business fit is easier than starting from scratch every time there is a crisis – business fit is to remain competitive by default.

      To maintain brand strength you need to exercise

      Marketing Communications doesn’t have to be difficult. Your business won’t survive if it takes a vow of silence, especially when a competitor discovers a market share opportunity that fills the void an inactive business leaves open.

      COG Revolutions will teach your business the difference between brand marketing and product marketing. Your business will need to do both, though by maintaining a strong marketing spine through active branding it’ll keep the business alive, ready to perform a sprint or a marathon at a moments notice.

      You can’t control the future, though you can prepare for it

      Small business is different for everyone, and no two businesses are the same. Though what is consistent for every business owner is that there is no crystal ball for the future.

      That’s why COG Revolutions prepares our clients businesses to be in a position to be able to take an opportunity if it arises, and to be able to shift it’s marketing focus at a moments notice if there are storm clouds on the horizon.

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        The COG Branding x COG Revolutions purpose

        Our purpose is to create more time for business owners, and to nurture opportunities through to success.

        The way COG Branding is structured ensures we are providing brand, marketing and technology solutions for Australian small businesses that are underpinned by true value.

        This Includes a dedicated focus from our Australian team to ensure the investment your business makes in technology, branding and marketing solutions sets up your business in a sustainable position with assets that increase company value.

        With COG Revolutions you’re on your way to successful brand and business.

        Who is COG Branding?


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        Customer succeess

        “COG Branding forced us to become strategic, planned and structured the brand to ensure our customers are at the centre of all our decision making.”

        — Nat Grosvenor, Bodyfit

        “COG Branding forced us to become strategic, planned and structured the brand to ensure our customers are at the centre of all our decision making.”

        — Nat Grosvenor, Bodyfit

        “COG Branding forced us to become strategic, planned and structured the brand to ensure our customers are at the centre of all our decision making.”

        — Nat Grosvenor, Bodyfit

        “COG Branding forced us to become strategic, planned and structured the brand to ensure our customers are at the centre of all our decision making.”

        — Nat Grosvenor, Bodyfit

        Book your COG Connect program today

        Your pathway to success starts now. Get started with your 90-day journey.