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Strong branding principles drive real purpose

The fundamental truths and propositions that serve as the foundation of the COG Branding belief and value system, influence our behaviours and validate our actions. The way we approach traditional branding principles is also how the work culture resonate through the team.

Branding Principles

COG Branding is honest

Our clients deserve to see who we truly are. Anyway, being who we are is much easier than trying to cheat and pretend COG Branding is something it isn’t.

COG Branding is considerate

We know that small business owners have reached the place they are in whether it be on purpose, by fortune or by mistake. Decisions made from personal value, error from a different time or purpose and reason from someone who is no longer in the business.

Our job is not challenge this, yet it is to support it and see how we can build on this.

COG Branding is versatile

Our approach ensures we treat each client’s needs, goals, and objectives individually. And by that we mean our approach is not rigid, it is fluid and adaptable.

COG Branding is trustworthy

We know when we’ve earned the trust from our client, we’re then doing a great job. And here the exponential curve begins to our services, once we’re in the sweet spot we power forward for our SME clients and their businesses.